October Set Up

Planning October

Each month I like to reflect upon the previous to determine how I want the upcoming month to look. From September I realized that I really enjoyed keeping track of the leaves changing color and just the general structure of my weekly layout. I also liked the dot calendar method for my monthly page, along with my weight loss tracker page. I found that I wasn’t sticking with my exercise plan or meal plan really well, so I decided to scratch those for this month. Instead of a monthly exercise plan, I’m going to plan it by week. I also added a social media tracker/planner and an “accountability page”.

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Goodbye September – Hello October:

I really love fall! This was such a fun page for me to draw and color in, and a great way for me to get excited about October!

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October Monthly Spread – The Dot Calendar:

I am in LOVE with the dot calendar! Camilla, from @creative.pine.apple on Instagram, came up with the lovely idea. Each color corresponds to a type of event, and those are then detailed on the right page. I love getting a quick glance at what my month looks like without having to fit all of the words in a small little box. Having the ability to detail my events on the right hand page has been really helpful as well. For more info, check out my October Monthly Spread page.

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Accountability and Weight Loss:

The accountability page was something brand new for me this month. I have been particularly bad at keeping up with my goals for each month. This lead me to making an accountability page, where at the end of each week in October I will reflect on each of the goals I have set and determine if I am working towards that goal in a good manner. I paired my accountability page with my weight loss tracker because I felt it would be a good reminder to weigh in and keep myself accountable in that regards as well.

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