January Set Up

After a short hiatus through November and December, I’m finally getting back to a fully organized journal, rather that a simple to do list.

Goodbye December – Hello January (and 2017!):

My intro page for January was very minimalistic this time around. I guess I just wasn’t in the coloring mood that day, but I do really enjoy seeing my mini index on that page!

Hello January.JPG


January Monthly Spread – Sticking with a modified Dot Calendar:

The dot calendar, created by Camilla, from @creative.pine.apple on Instagram, is still my favorite monthly spread. Each color corresponds to a type of event, and those are then detailed on the right page. This time around, I chose a simpler method of drawing my boxes, just to save some time (and wrist pain). For more info on this Dot Calendar and to see the filled in version, check out my January Overview page.
January 17 Blank.jpg

Accountability and Weight Loss:

An accountability page was something I added to my monthly set up in October and it’s definitely helped me stick with my goals each month. Each box indicates one of my goals for the month and during each week I will add a dot signifying my completion of part of my goal. I like to pair this page with my weight loss tracker each month since both pages really keep me in check.

January Accountability.JPG



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