New Year, New Journal

With the arrival of 2017, I felt it was time to crack open a brand new baby blue Leuchtturm 1917! If you’re looking to start a fresh journal, or even start your first journal, this will take you step by step through my set up process.

Planning the New Journal:

Before I put pen to paper for a new part of my journal (or a whole new journal) I like to put some thought into how I want it to look. This page was the last page in my previous journal that I used from April 2016 – December 2016. I still had about 30 pages left, but I was ready to start something fresh. I went through my “old” journal and thought about the things I liked with it and things I would like to change for the new one. I’ve also realized that I like having mini indexes as I go through my journal, so I followed suit with this mini one.

Planning 2017.JPG

My Intro Page:

Ahhhh, the first page of a fresh journal! I spent a while debating what I wanted this to look like and finally felt it appropriate to include my start and end dates accompanied by my cute little lion logo.

Bujo vol 2 intro page.jpg

2017 Overview:

So I will admit, this page didn’t really turn out as I had hoped. Not sure what it is, but if I could redo it, I would. I do like the idea of having a “word of the year” reflected with this page. I chose the word “growth” for 2017 because this will be a huge year of change for me. I will be graduating college and moving into the real world. I want to grow with these changes throughout 2017.

2017 Overview.jpg

Future Log:

Since I wasn’t a huge fan of my yearly overview, I kind of cheated and made a second one and paired it with my future log. The idea for these two pages is that when I get a date for a future event, let’s use the example of graduation on May 5, I make a note of this on the second page and then on the first page I’ll put a colored dot matching that date. Its somewhat complicated now that I write it out, but its working well for me so far.

Future Log Part 1.jpg

Future Log Part 2.jpg

Goals for 2017:

I’m not a huge New Year’s Resolution type of person, mostly because I never truly follow through with them, but I do like the idea of having goals for the year. I decided to break up my goals into different aspects of my life: personal, health, career, and other. Under each goal I wrote a few notes at how I can accomplish each goal to help me stay track throughout the year.

Goals 2017.jpg

Social Media Tracker:

One thing I wanted to change from my last journal was the way I tracked my social media accounts. I ended up tracking them on my monthly overview pages, but that just seemed like it would be a difficult way to reflect on my progress. That’s how I arrived at this page. Each of my accounts will be tracked all on one page so I can really see my growth by the end of the year.

Social media tracker 2017.JPG

Still curious about setting up a bullet journal?

If you have any questions, would like some suggestions, or absolutely anything, feel free to reach out to me through my Contact Me page or on my Facebook page. 🙂



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