February Set Up

February is here (and almost gone)! I feel like this year is already flying by! Time for love and groundhogs ❤

Planning February:

As I get back into my planning, I always enjoy reflecting on the previous month to gauge what I want the next month to look like. For February, I wanted to include some pink into my color scheme for Valentines Day. One thing I wanted to add was a “Recipes to Try in February” page. On the right page I have my index for the month.

Hey There February:

Goodbye January, the month of snow and New Year’s! Hello to February, the month of winter, Groundhog’s Day, and Valentine’s Day!

February Overview:

Sticking with the Dot Calendar this month and category box themes! I did adjust the sizes of the the birthdays and to-do boxes to give enough room for the amount of birthdays this month.

Accountability and Weight Loss:

Also sticking with the same Accountability and Weight Loss layouts for February. Some sizes were adjusted this month for yoga, reading, Instagram, and media. Hoping to actually get these pages filled in this month! (Update: not going too well.)

Recipes to Try in February:

One this new this month is a Recipes to Try page where I wrote out a few meals, their origins (like if I got it from Pinterest or Tasty), and the ingredients needed. This page I’m hoping will supplement my grocery shopping list each week!


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