Robert Loves Subscription Box Review

I was lucky enough to receive the December and January Robert Loves boxes from Robert Mason C0. and I am so excited to share it with you all! These boxes were sent to me for an honest review.

General Box InfoRL Box Open.JPG

The boxes are a little pricey at $50 a month, however they are full of great products that really make the price worth while. Each box comes with 8 – 10 products that Robert himself hand chooses, hence “Robert Loves”. The boxes include various stationary products from journals to pens to pretty stationary. The goal of Robert Loves boxes is to keep creative minds inspired, and they certainly do that!

December Box

Oh my gosh! So much stuff!!! This was an amazing surprise to open this box. I had so much fun going through everything and testing all of the great pens! This box included a large Robert Mason journal, comparable to a Moleskin, a cute gold Field Notes journal, an amazing travel journal and a couple of holiday cards. It also included two Blackwing pencils, that I am too excited about to even sharpen (they’re so pretty!!!). There was a sample of lotion, candle wax, fountain pen ink, wash tape, a mason jar of binder clips, all among an amazing array of pens. The only downside I found with this box was a slight lack in personalization. Everything was great, I would’ve just loved some of these products more in blue (my favorite color). Overall though, this box was amazing and exciting!

Dec RL Box.JPG

Dec RL Products.JPG

January BoxJan RL Box.JPG

Another month, another amazing box! While this box had less stuff in it than December, the products were all amazing. From some great Robert Mason stationary, to a Moleskin planner, this box was filled with great brands and great products. There was also a box of Sharpie Artist Pens, and an amazing Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen along with a few ink cartridges and a converter. All of these products were perfectly wrapped and neatly packaged in a beautiful box. There were also a couple of coupons to use on Robert Mason’s website (which also has a ton of great stuff). In all, this box, while different than what I was expecting based off of December, was definitely a hit for me!

jan-products1.jpg                 Processed with MOLDIV

Pen Tests

All of the pens Robert picked out were amazing! In the December box, my personal favorites are the Preppy Sign Pen, the Pilot Precise Retractable pen, and the PaperMate Flair pen. There was also an extremely cool, erasable pen, the Pilot Frixon Erasable pen included in the December box. In the January box, there were fewer, but more expensive name brand pens. I absolutely loved all of these, but especially the Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen. It is a beautiful pen that writes so smoothlyRL Pen Test.JPG

Processed with MOLDIV          Processed with MOLDIV

Final Thoughts

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the Robert Loves boxes! They are full of great products and I find myself using them in my day to day planning. While I haven’t received any other stationary subscription boxes, I do believe that Robert Loves is a great gift for your favorite bullet journalist (that can be yourself 😉 )!






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