Craft Planner 2.0 Review

I was recently asked by Cobbery to review their new Craft Planner 2.0. As a fan of all things paper and stationary, and as a long time fan of KickStarter, I was more than excited to check out this planner! Once I looked through their site, I realized how unique and purposeful this journal really is.

What is the Craft Planner?

In my own words, the Craft Planner is a very uniquely designed journal for planning projects, crafts, etc. More eloquently put, Cobbery describes the Craft Planner as,

“A perfect planner, journal, and notebook that start with 2 simple steps for successful goal planning and achieve your goal easily.”




  • Small, portable A5 size (5.8″ x 8.4″)
  • Lightweight 70gsm paper that has the same opacity and thickness as 100gsm paper
    • (I’m really looking forward to testing this out!)
  • 2 ribbon bookmarks
  • Lay-flat binding
    • (Definitely a must need for me!)
  • Expandable inner pocket
  • Elastic band
  • Various colors available
  • Each pledge comes with access to a private Facebook community

What’s inside the planner?

  • 1 page for Personal Details
  • 4 pages of break-down Demo
  • 24 pages of undated 12-Month Calendar
  • 4 pages of 52-Weeks Timeframe Goals Checklists
  • 208 pages of undated 52-Weeks Planner

My Thoughts

Overall, I find this to be a very unique, very purposeful planner. The specific steps to follow when planning a project will be great for keeping me focused when working on a project, while also keeping me realistic and not expecting too much of myself each week.

Timeframe Goals and Checklist Page

Below is how I personally used the Timeframe Goals and Checklist Page. The method of having an overall goal broken down and scheduled into smaller goals is perfect to keep myself from getting burnt out after week one. This design leads to realistic, efficient planning.

As you can see, I have two bigger projects I’m thinking about right now, with various smaller tasks listed beneath each. The tasks are then scheduled for the following weeks.

Weekly Page
The Weekly page in this planner is so simple, yet so customizable. The ability to simply change how I want to think about each day is perfect for my ever changing life. The goals section is a great compliment to the Timeframe Goals Checklist page. I personally took each scheduled task from the timeframe page and broke it down even further into smaller tasks that will be completed throughout the week.

In addition to the customizability of this page, the amount of available space is perfect to think about multiple projects/tasks at once, along with noting any personal events. I also had room to note some of my research completed, as seen in the boxed area.

In all, I highly recommend checking out Craft Planner 2.0! With its unique, purposeful design, the productivity that can come with this journal is definitely going be great. The space to customize also makes the possible uses for this planner endless.

How to get one?

Cobbery is running a KickStarter campaign right now until August 6th in hopes of getting funding to begin producing and further sales. Cobbery is hoping to have the planners sent out in December.

If you’re interested in pledging to this project, check out their KickStarter page here.

For more info visit the Craft Planner 2.0 FAQ page here.


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