Below are just a few questions that I’ve gotten over the course of my bullet journaling experience. Don’t see your question answered here? Feel free to contact me and ask!

What is bullet journaling?

Bullet journaling, in my opinion, is planning your every day life in a way that works for you! Check out the “How to Start” page for more details about bullet journaling in general!

How can I start bullet journaling?

When I first started, I had no idea where to begin, so I started with a simple yearly overview. From there my spreads got more detailed and catered towards my needs. The “How to Start” page has a lot more details about how I got started and what others think about the best way to get started!

What journal do you use?

I use a Leuchtturm 1917 dotted (A5 size). They are great journals and I highly recommend them. They are the first journal I tried, but I’m always looking for other journals to try as well! Have you found a journal you’re absolutely in love? Tell me about it so I can look into trying it 🙂

What supplies do you use?

On the “My Supplies” page I outline all of the supplies I use in my bullet journal. I discuss the things I like and dislike about them and what I use them for specifically.