My BuJo

As I progress with my blog, I’ll fill up each section with the various weekly and monthly layouts I’ve used, the collections I’ve created, and my planning process for each month.


My Monthly Layouts

As the month’s progress, I will be adding each of my monthly layouts here to hopefully give you some inspiration for your own bullet journal!

My Collections

A collection for me is something that doesn’t really fit into my day to day planning. Each little box below links to a page with a different collection that I have created and details what each thing really is and why I find it useful!

My Supplies

One thing I frequently get asked is what supplies I use. So here I will go through all of my favorite products and give reasons why I like/dislike them! Leuchtturm 1917: First is my journal. I absolutely love the Lechtturm 1917 journals! I use a dotted grid that is A5 in size. I have bought them … Continue reading My Supplies