January’s Overview

Sticking with the Dot Calendar:

I think I’ve found my monthly layout for life! I’m still loving the Dot Calendar. This month I made a somewhat simpler design for the grid portion that saved me some time when drawing this out. I think it also gives it a cleaner, more minimalistic look. As I do with all of my layouts, I sketch it out in pencil first and then go over in pen. This allows me to be sure of the design I want to use before making it permanent. It also limits the amount of white-out that ends up on my page 😉
January 17 Blank.jpg


January’s Color Code:

This month I used an all blue scheme for my colors and matched each with a certain bigger category of my life at the moment. The colors are pretty difficult to differentiate in the picture so below are the colors I used:

grey – class

bright turquoise – personal

baby blue – event

dark blue – research

indigo – birthdays and holidays

All filled in:

Below is what my January overview looks like now! All filled in and busy!

January 17 Filled.jpg