My Supplies

One thing I frequently get asked is what supplies I use. So here I will go through all of my favorite products and give reasons why I like/dislike them!

Leuchtturm 1917:

First is my journal. I absolutely love the Lechtturm 1917 journals! I use a dotted grid that is A5 in size. I have bought them from Amazon in the past, but recently I’ve been ordering through


  • Paper weight: none of my pens bleed through
  • Hard cover
  • Index
  • Two bookmarks
  • Pocket at the back where I keep little decorations that I trace (like my leaf in my weekly spread)
  • They come in a huge variety of colors!


  • A little pricey for a college students budget (~$25)
  • Some ghosting on pages from certain pens, but nothing that I can’t ignore

Overall, I really love these journals. Granted, they are the only higher quality journal I’ve tried, but they definitely do the job and I highly recommend them!

Sketching Supplies:

Before I put pen to paper, I sketch out almost every spread in my journal with pencil. My personal favorite drafting pencil is the Staedtler Lead Holder. I can make the pencil show up as lightly as I need, making erasing it after the pen that much easier. My favorite eraser for my journal is the Staedtler Stick Eraser. The eraser itself is one of the best I’ve seen and there is hardly ever any pencil marks or smudges left after I finish erasing. And then I also have a small handy ruler. I just use the Staedtler mini ruler that came with my lead holder and eraser, but any ruler works well!

Staedtler Pigment Liners:

These pens are one of my absolute favorites! I bought a 6 pack from Amazon, and they are just great. I primarily use them for the structure of my layouts and my actual writing in of dates and deadlines. Pretty much anything that is black in my journal is one of these pens.


  • Come in a variety of sizes – I use the 0.8mm for my big headers, 0.5mm for my structure and titles, and the 0.3mm for my normal writing
  • Comes in a sturdy travel case
  • Very dark and bold when they write
  • Not terribly expensive (~$10 for the 6 pack on Amazon)


  • The tips get smushed if pressed too hard
  • Only last about 6 months before the tip is pretty worn out

Staedtler Tri-plus Fineliners:

The tri-plus fineliners are great, colorful pens that I use for my color scheme/codes each month. They are 0.3mm in size, so they are pretty bold when writing. These were also purchased on Amazon, but can be found at a bunch of art supply stores as well. They come in a lot of different size packs, but I have the 42-color pack.


  • Bold color
  • Wide variety of colors
  • 20-pack and smaller come in a sturdy travel case


  • Somewhat expensive (~$18 for the 20-pack on Amazon)
  • Tips can get worn relatively quickly or with firm pressure

Staedtler Ergo Soft Colored Pencil:

While I don’t really use colored pencil that often, I do love it for my decorative parts, like my “Hello October” page and my leaves on my weekly layouts. I do plan to incorporate colored pencil more in the future though.


  • Gives a lighter, but still vibrant color compared to the fineliners
  • Very comfortable to hold
  • Easy to blend colors


  • Not watercolor pencils (Staedtler does make some, I just haven’t bought them yet 😉 )
  • A little pricey (~$18 for the 24 pack on Amazon)

Zebra Mildliners:

I love these highlighters/markers! While I don’t use them too much in my bullet journal, I love them for studying and making my cheat sheets. I may incorporate them in my bujo more in the future, just because I love them so much! I also found these on Amazon in a 3-pack with 5 highlighters in each pack (15 total). I still haven’t been able to get ahold of the orange pack, so if you happen to see those out there let me know so I can get them 🙂


  • A huge variety of colors
  • Dual tipped: one side is like a normal highlighter and the other comes to a point that makes writing with them nice
  • Just pretty to look at (lol)


  • A little expensive, but not terrible for the quality (~$18 on Amazon for the 15 highlighters)