The Grid Weekly

When I first started bullet journaling, I thought it would be fun to track just about everything. I came up with this grid that allowed me to track every detail of every day. I could track everything from my daily events to the number of hours I slept. After a week or two of using this method (with an overwhelming amount of color), I decided that tracking everything just wasn’t for me. I have since been creating more simple layouts, but maybe you can find some inspiration from my first attempt at a weekly layout!


This layout may seem complicated and scary at first, but trust me, it’s really not too bad.

Week at a Glance:

On the far left of the page, I first put a month overview where I highlight the week I’m planning. Below that is a to-do list for the week. This was just general tasks that didn’t need to get done on a certain day. Then I put next week at a glance at the bottom, just including the bigger events and deadlines.

Daily Grid:

Each day of the week was a vertical section of the big grid. The top most section was just what day it was and the date (i.e. Mon. – 17). Then came the events that were scheduled for that day, followed by a to-do list for things that needed to get done that day. Below the to-do list was my exercise plan, where I indicated whether I planned to work out that day or not, with a checkbox that was filled in if it was actually completed. In the box below the exercise plan I had my exercise log where I recorded what my workout was that day. Next was water intake, where one circle indicated 8 fluid ounces of water. Then was the weather tracker that I tried to fill in a few days in advanced. I noted the forecast icon, the high and low temperatures, and the barometric pressure (to see if there was a correlation with the pressure and my sinus headaches). The next three boxes were for tracking steps, hours of sleep, and meal planning, respectively. Finally, the last two smaller boxes were for tracking my IBS symptoms and my headaches.

Sample Layout:

Below is a sample layout I did for the week of September 12 – 18, 2016. I really liked the clean look of this layout, but I got overwhelmed throughout the week about how much I had to plan out or remember from each day.

My First Actual Weekly Spread:

Here is what my first attempt at a weekly spread looked like – dating back to April 4-10, 2016. I felt like this attempt had way too much color for my taste, and it kind of overwhelmed me at times. I’ve also definitely improved upon my bullet journalling skills since this spread was done. So if you’re worrying about how yours looks, just remember that practice makes perfect, and you’ll soon be happy with how far you’ve come! 🙂